Self Adhesive labels – new age branding

Looks matter. The packaging and labelling of a product is the first thing a prospective buyer sees. It tells him stories. Stories he can associate with to enhance the product experience. Packaging can be of various types. They could be printed boxes or plain containers with labels. A neat well-printed self-adhesive label communicates confidence to the buyers.  These days adhesive labels are getting increasingly popular for smart yet economical finish.

Switch to self adhesive labels

Gone are the days when paper was simply pasted as an adhesive sticker. Labels are now available in a multitude of special materials ranging from Paper to high performance speciality films. Labelling has become an art that promotes the product, prevents imitation, and is easy to affix. 

Integration of holographic security and specialised printing techniques makes the labels secure and tamper evident  to protect your reputation. The modern label has a superb print surface with good adhesive, is easy-to-peel and can be conveniently applied manually or through machine application. Labels are durable and can withstand tough atmospheric conditions.

Holoflex delivers:

The state-of-the-art infrastructure and machinery with decades of experience equip us to make superior customised products. Our printing expertise allows creation of spectacular visual effects and security features to support any application.

We not only supply labels but also the hardware and peripherals for its application..Being a prominent bar code label solution provider we have a strategic alliance with various original equipment manufacturers. This enables us to provide customised solutions for variable data printing on labels.