Origination Technology

2D/3D Origination
First generation holograms were made with this technique. A 2D/3D hologram has two or more levels, has a good feel of depth and looks nice and colourful. Perhaps such holograms are these days preferred more for promotional applications. Such holograms may have a flip effect to enhance the aesthetics.

Security ratings are generally considered low for this technique

Dot Matrix Origination
Dot Matrix are the more vibrant holograms. They invariably incorporate kinetic effects that make it interesting to the viewer, and therefore easier to register as an anticounterfeit device.

Security ratings are medium, may be considered good enough for most commercial security applications.

E-Beam Origination
This is the latest development in the hologram origination techniques, and allows very high resolution for nano features and very sharp imagery. Colour control and animated hidden images are only some of the new features that this technique has introduced.

Security ratings for this are medium to high, depending on the complexity of the features proposed.