Security Features

Overt features are those that are clearly visible in the hologram and are meant to be verified by the consumer/end user. They are as follows:
2D/3D Background layers
3D Images
Vibrant Colour
Guilloche pattern
Kinetic Effect
Kinematic image
Concealed Image visible only at specific angles

Covert features are features that are invisible to the naked eye, but can be verified with the help of some simple hand held instruments like a Laser Pointer, Magnifying Glass or Decoding Films. These are essentially meant for verification by the hologram users’ internal team.

Animated Covert Laser Readable Message (CLR)
Raster Effect

Forensic features are those features that may only be decoded by using some advanced and complex instruments like high-powered Microscope. Such features are particularly helpful to establish conclusively the authenticity of the hologram in question. This can be particularly helpful in fighting product warranty cases.

Variable Dot Shape
Variable Resolution