Flexographic Printing Ink

Flexographic Printing Ink Technology
Formulating the right ink for the right substrate and application goes a long way in Flexographic Printing Ink Technology. Formulation of flexographic inks requires a detailed knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of the raw materials composing the inks, and how these ingredients affect or react with each other as well as with the environment. Flexographic printing inks are primarily formulated to remain compatible with the wide variety of substrates used in the process. Each formulation component individually fulfills a special function and the proportion and composition will vary according to the substrate.

There are five types of inks that can be used in flexography:

Solvent-based inks
Water-based inks
Electron beam (EB) curing inks
Ultraviolet (UV) curing inks
Two-part chemically-curing inks