Security Systems

Being in the security business, we take ample care to ensure that all our production processes are strictly accounted for. Checks and counter checks are in place both through ERP System as well as Manual processes to ensure that there is no security compromise at any point from our end. We appreciate the fact that our customers keep us in business to enhance their product and document security and unless our own systems are of the highest levels the same remains vulnerable. To conform our adherence to the highest level of security the following measures are undertaken.

The entire security has been entrusted to renowned security agency

  • Access to the production area is restricted only to authorised worksmen
  • Centralized Visitor Management System (VMS) has been deployed to keep track and records of daily visitors and to define their levels of access within the production facility
  • Minimal visitors to the production area and that too only after authorisation from the Management
  • The individual production activities are all carried out in locked rooms and all material and people movement is strictly on a ‘Need to’ basis
  • Workers’ movement within production area is restricted through Access Control Card (HID), each card being programmed according to worker’s profile
  • Entire Production Facility is centrally monitored through a network of Closed Circuit Television Surveillance system which can also be remotely monitored through WAN connectivity from anywhere across the globe.
  • Manual search and frisking is a standard security feature.
  • All Masters and Shims are stored in Strong Rooms.
  • TUV has audited all security processes independently for conformity with the Hologram Security and Safety Management Standards (HSSMS) and found our security processes to be in complete compliance certifying Holoflex Limited to be one of the very few HSSMS Compliant company in India.


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  • 92 C/1 Sahapur Colony
  • Block-J, New Alipore
  • Kolkata - 700053, West Bengal,

  • Tel: +91 33 24071738
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Head Office

92 C/1 Sahapur Colony, Block-J, New Alipore, Kolkata - 700053, West Bengal, INDIA

Tel: +91 33 24071738

Fax: +91 33 24071739