The most lucrative prospect for an unscrupulous counterfeiter is to forge any kind of Government Document or Government provided Identification due to the sheer host of benefits it throws open, both financially and socially, for the person in possession of the same. Several counterfeiting crimes have been reported on Government Documents/Identification instruments globally involving major scams worth huge amount of money. Such situations calls for the Government/Government Undertakings to ensure security of the documents or instruments issued by them which can be easily verified by a layman but at the same time sophisticated enough to be impregnable against any forging attempt.

Holoflex offers a host of solution to Government/Government Undertakings. Be it securing instruments like currency notes, visa, property/statutory documents or securing an identification tool like social security cards, driving license, election cards we have relevant solutions to suite each needs. Some of the solutions offered to Government sector are:

Integrated Holograms, registered or wallpaper type in strip or patch format, for various Government/Government Undertakings
Smart Card or/and ID Card solution for Welfare Department
Track & Trace solution with embedded holograms for Revenue Department
Tax Stamps and Bandrolls for Revenue Department
Securing Entry passes to important Government Buildings
Holographic Thread for currency
Colour Shifting Bands for currency and documents
Holographic HAUV film for VISA

AIDC Solutions:
Barcode Scanners
Barcode Printers
Smart Cards & ID Cards
Mobile Computer
Thermal Ribbon

Area of application:
Document Identification, Document Security, Beneficiary Identification, Verifying Duty payment on materials

Security Solutions:
Stamping Foil

Area of application:
Document/Instrument Security, Beneficiary Authentication