Government issued document and Identification instrument have been a soft counterfeiting target for immediate financial gains and to substantiate incorrect claims. In fact the implications are more far reaching when identities are forged to carry out subversive and anti national activities. It is vital to secure such documents and instruments so that they can be easily verified and at the same time are sophisticated enough to be impregnable against any forging attempt.

Holoflex offers a host of solutions to Government to secure the following:

  • Currency notes
  • Non Judicial Stamp Paper
  • Passport and Visa
  • Tax Stamp for liquor and tobacco
  • Challans and documents enabling movement of goods involving state revenue
  • Secure entry passes to important government buildings
  • Vehicle Identification Pass
  • Government issued identity cards such as voter cards, citizen cards, driving license etc
  • Feeder documents like Ration cards, birth certificates, university degrees and mark sheets etc

The governments all over the world are realizing the importance to secure not just passports and visas but also the feeder documents such as birth certificate and local documents such as driving license, ration cards, degree certificates and mark sheets, as these are the supporting documents on the basis of which the more critical documents such as Passport, Aadhaar card and other national identity documents are issued.

Security Solutions:

Stamping Foil

Area of application:
Document security, identity card security, beneficiary authentication, tax stamps

AIDC Solutions:

Barcode Scanners
Barcode Printers
Mobile Computer
Thermal Ribbon

Area of application:
Document Identification, Document Security, beneficiary Identification, verifying duty payment on materials


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Tel: +91 33 24071738

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