Auto Components

Counterfeiting is a major menace to Automobile Industry globally that causes huge losses to the Manufacturers, State Exchequer as well as the consumers. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), counterfeiting costs the global automotive parts industry $12 billion a year; $3 billion of that total is in the United States. The 2000 NCAER report, the last such study done on counterfeit spares in India, estimates the parallel market to have a share of 35% of the overall spares market in India.

Holoflex Limited offers robust anti-counterfeiting and authentication/identification solutions to Auto Component vertical which can be used individually or in conjunction to achieve significant results. Our solutions can convert a simple MRP label used on spare parts package into a secured label using Holographic strip integration and/or by using tamper-evident substrates. Track & Trace solutions can be incorporated using existing barcodes on packages to confirm authenticity of spare parts by consumers or surveillance authorities at the PoS. Holoflex offers a one-stop shop for all you anti-counterfeiting, authentication and identification needs reducing significantly on the procurement time and inventory overheads.

AIDC Solutions:
Barcode Printers
Barcode Scanners
Thermal Ribbons
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Mobile Computer

Area of application:

Product Identification, Product Authentication, Product Tracking and Verification

Security Solutions:
Stamping Foil
Holographic Films
Shrink Sleeves/Labels

Area of application:

Product Security, Product Authentication, Packaging Security