Induction Sealing Wads

We produce induction sealing wads suitable for application on a wide range of containers – HDPE, PE, PP, PET and Glass containers.

Induction sealing is a simple process by which an aluminum foil disc is sealed on the mouth of a container/bottle to ensure the safety of the product inside. This is done by placing the foil disc inside the cap and allowing the bottle to pass under the induction sealer after the filling and capping process. The induction seal is constructed such that it evenly seals the rim of the container once the container is capped and electronically heated.

An induction sealing wads protects the contents from spillage and contamination and also makes the container pilfer proof. With the magic of holography incorporated, the induction wads are rendered tamper proof and more safe and effective than ever before. Once the cap is opened to consume the contents, the holographic induction seal will be visible as the assurance of quality and originality, and will have to be punctured to consume the contents, thus ensuring that it cannot be recycled.

Such wads are used by pharmaceutical, Lubricant, Insecticide and Pesticide, FMCG and Chemical industries to name a few.


Yes, induction sealing is a much better option over any other cap sealing process as it is a reliable sealing technique subject to the optimised machine setting and material selection. It can be tested for strength using drop test which would ensure it's sustainability under harsh transportation condition.

Induction seals are:

Leak Proof: As it provides uniform contact on the mouth of the container thereby providing 100% seal.

Tamper-Evident: The seal applied through induction sealing process cannot be removed intact and thus provide tamper-evidence. Also the seal can include security features like holography to prevent counterfeiting and improve brand recognition.

Higher Shelf-life: As Induction sealing is 100% air tight and spill proof it retains the originality of the content of the bottle for longer time reducing chances of spillage and evaporation.

Induction sealing can be done on almost any kind of containers having a cap and uniform mouth surface to ensure a consistent seal. All kind of bottles and jars made with HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP and Glass may be sealed with such seals.

Induction sealing can be made more secure and more attractive using Holography which would impart holographic security features to the induction seal. Such brand protection invariably leads to greater band loyalty and recall.

The holographic wads can be used just like the normal wads. Hence there in no modification required in any existing induction sealing line to accommodate holographic induction sealing wads.

We can provide wads that can be used for food contact.

Yes. Our induction sealing wads can work on glass containers also.

No, we do not deal in induction sealing Machineries. However, after assessing your requirement we may align/suggest some reputed machine manufacturers from whom you can procure the machinery.

We recommend storage in 25 degrees Celsius temperature and 65% Relative Humidity in a dry area. If stored in its original packaging in these conditions, the wads should be good for consumption upto 3 months from despatch.


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