The manufacturing industry involves complex production process which is required to be delivered as per schedules at every stage. This requires high level of precision in every stage and also meticulous co-ordination with various departments involved. The final produce also needs to have inherent security features and unique identification so as to make it stand apart from the dubious and counterfeit options.

All the above can be achieved through using various solutions offered by Holoflex Limited as listed under. This would effectively help the manufacturer to concentrate on their core activity primarily and will help to improve on the same so to achieve better core competency. The fact that all these solutions are available under one roof saves the manufacturer repetitive procurement procedures thereby leading to better utilization of time.

AIDC Solutions:
Bar Code
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
Bio-metric Identification
Smart Card

Area of application:

Product Identification, Tracking of Material Movement, Tracking of Work-in-progress (WIP), Inventory management, Access Control on shop floor

Security Solutions:
Tamper Evident Hologram Label
Holograms with Variable Information
Films for Packaging
Induction Sealing Wads
Shrink Sleeves and Shrink Labels
Paper Labels with or without integrated hologram

Area of application:

Product Identification, Product Security, Packaging