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Hologram printing is done purely using lasers and not inks. A Hologram Sticker or Label cannot be produced by the standard ink-based printing technologies like offset, rotogravure, flexography etc. Only a hologram manufacturer can produce a security hologram.

Precision and innovation are crucial in the hologram sticker manufacturing sector. The development of holographic systems that blend aesthetics and utility is the focus of this field. Advanced hologram printing methods are used to create distinctive labels after a creative design procedure. Each hologram sticker bears the responsibility of preserving faith and upholding a company’s reputation, despite its seeming simplicity. Since we at Holoflex take this responsibility seriously, each hologram sticker we produce stands for security and authenticity thanks to our dedication to excellence and quality.

Most duplicators scan or photocopy to duplicate a sticker or a label. Since there are no inks in the hologram, it is not possible to reproduce it by photocopying, scanning, or taking a photograph. This is where the uniqueness of hologram printing comes into play. Hence, hologram stickers or labels have proved to be a strong weapon to fight counterfeiting.

Holograms are tamper evident – once affixed at the desired place, any attempt to reuse the hologram sticker will result in its destruction. Various types of tamper evidence patterns are available that come embedded in the foil used for making Hologram Sticker. Please click here to see the types of tamper evidence patterns on offer for Hologram Sticker or Labels.

The dynamic and colour changing feature of a hologram sticker attracts attention and is easy to identify and difficult to replicate. This remarkable characteristic is not limited to the hologram sticker alone but extends to the art of hologram printing. It is due to these reasons above that hologram stickers or  labels are widely used to protect products and documents.

Hologram stickers or labels are available in both reels and sheets to suit your dispensing needs – manual or mechanical. If your quantities are large then machine application of holograms is also possible. We can refer some label applicator manufacturers to you who will provide you with machines customised to your needs.

Label Applicator Manufacturers


Custom Holograms

When it comes to making your brand truly stand out, custom hologram stickers are a remarkable choice. At Holoflex, we specialise in crafting holograms and mastering the art of hologram printing that not only enhances your product’s security but also leaves a lasting impression. These unique hologram stickers are more than just labels; they are a testament to your brand’s identity. We understand that every business is different, and that’s why we offer customization options that allow your brand to shine through our holograms.

Tamper-Evident Stickers

In a world where security and authenticity are paramount, tamper-evident stickers play a critical role. Holoflex takes pride in providing stickers that not only secure your products but also reassure your consumers. These stickers are more than just seals; they are a guarantee that your customers will receive genuine, unaltered items.

Serial Numbering

Simplifying product tracking and management is made easier with our serial numbering solutions. These aren’t just numbers; they are your tools for effective inventory control. Our approach ensures that your products are easily identifiable, and the risk of duplication or tampering is significantly reduced.


Efficient data capture is essential for seamless inventory management. Holoflex’s barcode solutions are designed to provide accurate data tracking, ensuring that your business runs smoothly. With barcoding, we’re not just helping you with labels; we’re streamlining your data management processes.

Void Stickers

Security is an ever-present concern in the modern world. Our void stickers are designed to deter unauthorised access and tampering. These aren’t just labels; they are an added layer of protection for your products and assets.

Quality Assurance

At the core of our operations is an unwavering commitment to quality. We have stringent quality checks in place to ensure that every hologram sticker, or label that leaves our facility meets the highest standards. We understand that your brand’s reputation depends on the trustworthiness of our products, and we are dedicated to delivering only the best.

Production Process

Our state-of-the-art production process combines artistry and precision to create holographic solutions that are not only visually stunning but also functionally superior. We begin with creative design, where innovation meets technology to produce distinctive holograms and stickers. From there, we utilise advanced printing techniques to make each label secure and visually striking.

Uses of Hologram Stickers

Hologram stickers serve various purposes. They enhance brand identity, ensure product authenticity, and deter counterfeiting. They aren’t just labels; they’re your brand’s trust and security in a visually striking form.

We also offer hologram sticker printing having variable information like alphanumeric sequential numbering, random codes, barcodes and QR codes on hologram labels. This significantly enhances the security of the hologram sticker or label and provides ease of material tracking. Every single hologram could actually become unique!


Contact Us

If you’re ready to enhance your brand’s security and identity with our holographic solutions, we invite you to get in touch with us today. At Holoflex, we’re not just a hologram manufacturer; we’re your trusted partner committed to delivering innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs. Your brand deserves the best, and that’s precisely what we offer.



Duplicators do not have access to a hologram sticker, as hologram sticker printing can only be done by a hologram manufacturer, and not by any other printer. So if someone needs a hologram, one needs to approach a hologram manufacturer, who will only do the hologram sticker printing for the brand owner after verifying the credentials.

This would typically vary from product to product and the packaging. Please share your product and packaging photos, and we will be happy to advise the size of the hologram sticker recommended.

Creation of a hologram master and the hologram sticker printing process takes about 3 weeks generally. We can sometimes turn it around even quicker. Please share the project specifics and we will be happy to support you.

Any hologram printing job is sensitive to quantities - both on production and commercial aspects. Higher the quantity, lower the cost. We will even deliver very small quantities , but in order to keep your costs low we suggest that you consolidate 2- or 3-months’ requirements in a single order.

A hologram cannot be produced by any commercial printer with offset, gravure or screen print technology. Hologram printing can only be done by a hologram manufacturer who has the technology, expertise and the specialised equipment. A hologram does not contain any inks so it cannot be photocopied, scanned or even photographed. The exclusivity of the manufacturing technology and the unique visual appearance makes it highly secure against any attempts to replicate the hologram.

Hologram are made with interference pattern of lasers, and the hologram colours keep changing with a change in viewing angle or the angle of the light illuminating the hologram sticker. Hence a hologram always reflects VIBGYOR colours. The visual effect that one sees is purely based on reflection of light, and without any printing inks, hence one cannot see the true brand colours at all viewing angles in the hologram.

A hologram sticker can be applied manually or with help of a machine applicator. Depending on the quantity one decides how he wants to apply the hologram sticker. Yes we can supply you a hologram applicator customised to your requirement.

The hologram printing is done on Metallised polyester film on which the hologram design is embossed (printed) with some proprietary coatings.

Yes, hologram stickers can carry sequential numbering, bar codes, random codes, QR codes. Any kind of variable data can be incorporated as a visible or invisible element in the hologram. The hologram manufacturer will generally do this as a last process in the hologram sticker printing prior to despatch.

A hologram is easy to identify and almost impossible to replicate. It is a mark of identification for buyer to check before purchase. The brands must create an awareness amongst their customers regarding the presence of the hologram sticker in order to maximise the benefits of the hologram.

All hologram stickers are Tamper Evident in nature. Any attempt to remove them destroys the hologram such that it cannot be reused.

No, Holograms sticker can be of any colour apart from silver like gold, copper etc. We have a wide range of colour options to select from. We can even offer customised colours.

Hologram labels should be stored in clean and dry conditions and ideally in a locked room. We recommend storage in 25 degrees Celsius temperature and 65% Relative Humidity in a dry area. If stored in its original packaging in these conditions, the holograms should be good for consumption upto 4 months from despatch.

A hologram sticker can carry a variable or fixed bar code which can be read by any smart phone or a scanner. This can further be linked to an app owned by you or developed by hologram manufacturer.


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Head Office

92 C/1 Sahapur Colony, Block-J, New Alipore, Kolkata - 700053, West Bengal, INDIA

Tel: +91 33 24071738

Fax: +91 33 24071739

E-mail: info@holoflex.com