Multimax Security Seals

Multimax security seals are a high security seal that employ MULTIple technologies to MAXimize the security.

This is an innovative security labelling solution developed primarily securing energy meters installed at consumer’s location. The highlight of this product is a very specialised base that is highly resistant to tampering. This is a printable base that receives security printing, variable data printing and hologram integration.

Multi-level security features available in these seals are:

  • Proprietary Security Base and Adhesive
  • Integrated Holographic Component with overt, covert and forensic security features
  • Invisible UV Marking
  • Barcodes and QR codes
  • Electrical Continuity Band
  • Highly resistant to tampering by water, steam, petrol, diesel, and other solvents

Multimax seals can be used for any application where a high value product or service needs to be secured against tampering.


These are seals that cannot be removed intact when affixed on an energy meter. In case they are tampered they will leave marks to show that these seals have been tempered.

Multimax seals are self-adhesive, whereas Polycarbonate seals are wire based. The purpose of both is to seal the meter such that the meter cannot be opened without tampering these seals. The Multimax seal has a visual security feature like a hologram for easy identification of the genuine and untampered seal. In case of any tampering with the Multimax seals, there are telltale signs to show that the meter is tampered with.

Multimax seals need to be stored carefully in controlled conditions. We recommend storage in 25 degrees Celsius temperature and 65% Relative Humidity in a dry area. If stored in its original packaging in these conditions, these seals should be good for consumption upto 3 months from despatch.

Seals can be of various colours but since the energy meter colour is generally black, these seals are recommended to be on a white base. This is to improve the visibility of the seals even at night or in dim lighting conditions.

The Multimax seals work on most materials. However, since each surface is different in terms of material and the surface finish, we recommend that you share your application details with us and we will send you some samples for trials. This is the recommended to be absolutely sure that our product meets your performance expectations.

These seals are made of special polymers that are very sensitive to tampering and can also accept printed security features and variable data.

Energy meters is one application area were these seals are being used extensively over the past 15 years or so. However, any application that requires a high level of security against tampering should consider using this. We believe that this is amongst the most potent self-adhesive security seal that is there in the market.

These seals cannot be removed intact even by using commonly used chemicals and solvents such as Petrol, Diesel and other solvents.


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