Holographic Films

Holographic films are ideal for flexible or rigid packaging. They command attention and engage the customer. In an already crowded marketplace, the ability of a product to get noticed due to the packaging is an invaluable tool to retain and increase market share.

We offer these films in Polyester or BOPP type. These films can be metallized, transparent, and even in customised colours. We have our in-house mastering laboratory where we can mix consumer interactive security and design elements to create a unique image.

The advantages of holographic packaging are :

  • Inherent security of holography against counterfeit
  • Customer perceives higher value addition
  • High impact at the point of sale
  • Enhanced aesthetics ensuring a Premium look

No matter what your converting process is, we have a product that will suit your requirement.

These films have already achieved spectacular results, with several companies having reported increase in market share. Though the list is by no means comprehensive, products like ice creams, personal products, cosmetics, snack foods, toothpastes, confectionery have reaped rich dividends by employing holographic packaging.


We can offer these upto 1200 mm width.

We recommend storage in 25 degrees Celsius temperature and 65% Relative Humidity in a dry area. If stored in its original packaging in these conditions, our films should be good for consumption upto 3 months from despatch.