Oil & Natural Gases

This sector requires specific packaging solutions as well as specific security solutions also by virtue of the physical state of the product. These types of items are vulnerable to pilferages which in turn adversely affect the target device in which it is used thereby eroding the brand value of the concerned company.

To avoid such menace Holoflex Limited has ready solutions to secure products like lubricant container, oil container, gas refills etc. so that no pilferage is possible in the product before it is delivered to the end consumer.

AIDC Solutions:
Bar Code
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
Bio-metric Identification
Card technologies – smart card, Mag stripe card

Area of application:

Product Identification, Access Restriction, Material Tracking, Document Security

Security Solutions:
Induction Sealing Wads
Shrink Sleeves
Tamper Evident Hologram Label
Holograms with Variable Information
Paper Labels with or without integrated hologram

Area of application:

Product Security, Packaging, Consumer-end Validation, Document Security