Self Adhesive Labels and Stickers

Labels – the new age branding and protection tool!

Looks matter – The packaging and labelling of a product is the first thing a prospective buyer sees. It tells him stories… stories he can associate with to enhance the product experience.

Adhesive labels come in various types, each offering unique advantages. Wet Glue Adhesive Labels, the traditional choice, are renowned for their strong bonding properties, providing a reliable solution for product labelling. In contrast, Self Adhesive Labels represent the modern era, boasting a clean and elegant finish that's not only visually appealing but also incredibly easy to apply. Vinyl Adhesive Labels are the go-to option for durability and moisture resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions. When you need to showcase your product contents with utmost clarity, Transparent Adhesive Labels are the ideal choice. And, for products where security is paramount, Security Adhesive Labels leave a distinctive mark if tampered with, ensuring the integrity and safety of your products.

Gone are the days when paper was simply pasted as an adhesive sticker. Adhesive Labels are now available in a multitude of special materials ranging from paper to high performance speciality films. Labelling has become an art that promotes the product, prevents imitation, and is easy to affix. The modern self adhesive labels has a superb print surface with good adhesive, is easy-to-peel and can be conveniently applied manually or through machine application. Self Adhesive Labels are durable and can withstand tough atmospheric conditions.

Adhesive stickers, a ubiquitous part of our daily lives, serve countless purposes. From labelling products to adding a personal touch to your laptop, these versatile stickers are everywhere. Adhesive stickers, also known as labels, decals, or simply stickers, are self-adhesive pieces of paper or vinyl with a design, pattern, or information printed on one side and an adhesive on the other. These adhesive stickers can be affixed to various surfaces, making them a flexible and convenient tool for personal and professional use. Adhesive stickers play a pivotal role in our daily lives. They help with organisation, branding, decoration, and communication. They are not just pieces of paper with glue on the back; they are powerful tools for conveying messages and creating visual impact. 

Different Types Adhesive stickers 

Paper-Based Stickers

Adhesive stickers, such as paper-based stickers, are an economical choice frequently utilized for labeling, packaging, and crafting. These adhesive stickers are easy to write on, making them ideal for quick notes or keeping items organized. However, it's important to note that paper-based adhesive stickers may not be suitable for outdoor use due to their limited weather resistance.

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl adhesive stickers, renowned for their durability, are an excellent choice for various purposes. These waterproof adhesive stickers are highly versatile and are often used for outdoor applications, including car decals and bumper stickers. Vinyl adhesive stickers can withstand a range of weather conditions, making them a popular choice for creating long-lasting displays.

Polyester Stickers

Polyester adhesive stickers, characterised by their superior durability and resistance to harsh environments, are frequently employed in industrial and heavy-duty applications, such as equipment labelling and machinery identification. These adhesive stickers are built to last in challenging conditions.

The state-of-the-art infrastructure and machinery with decades of experience equip us to make superior customised products. Our printing expertise allows creation of spectacular visual effects and security features to support any application. Our ten colour printing press has a flexible configuration that enables us to achieve printing of the highest quality including metallic foiling, textured finish, embossed effects, surface finish varnish etc., to create an attractive self adhesive label that stands out on the shelf.

For products that suffer from the onslaught of counterfeiters, integration of specialised printing techniques with security makes the self adhesive labels secure and tamper evident to protect your reputation. We can supplement existing adhesive labels designs and graphics with several security features like:

Security designs
We have a special security design software that can create some very complex elements like guilloche patterns, micro text and hidden images visible under only a special decoding film. And the best part is that we can merge all this into your existing self adhesive label design or even create an entirely new self adhesive label design for you.

Holographic patches and stripes integration on an existing label
Holography is known to catch a viewer’s attention and adds significant security and brand recognition. We can integrate a holographic patch or stripe in adhesive labels with state of the art overt, covert and forensic features. We can also add advanced features such as demetallization in any adhesive sticker.

Security printed elements
We also extensively use printed security features such as invisible features, visible only under certain special light frequencies, elements that change colour with a change in viewing angle, interactive messages that change colour (for example from Black to grey) due to brisk rubbing of the self adhesive label – this can be a permanent or reversible feature.

Tamper evident substrates
We can offer labels that are tamper evident. Once affixed at the desired place, these adhesive labels will leave a customised or a generic message like Void or Tampered if an attempt is made to remove these self adhesive labels. Additionally, we can also offer adhesive labels that show a tampered message while not leaving any residue on the surface they were affixed on.

For some high security applications we have even more secure self adhesive label substrates that withstand tampering by water, solvents, petrol, diesel etc. They will also destroy when exposed to higher temperatures like 70 to 80 degrees Celsius. Please click here for more information on our Multimax seals.

We also offer variable information like alphanumeric sequential numbering, random codes, barcodes and QR codes on adhesive labels. This significantly enhances the security and provides ease of material tracking. Every single self adhesive label thus could actually become unique!

The variable information can be imprinted on adhesive sticker using the following technologies:

  • Laser Marking
  • Ink-Jet Marking
  • Ultra-Violet (UV) cured Marking
  • Thermal transfer

Additional levels of security are also possible such as invisible codes and numbering and also multi colour and exploding fonts.

Our scratch and win adhesive labels with variable or fixed data, covered by a high security holographic scratch off has been used by some of the leading brands. The holographic scratch off can be of a generic holographic image or even a customised holographic image for a high value promotion.

We not only supply self adhesive labels but also the hardware and peripherals for its application. Being a prominent barcode label solution provider we have strategic alliances with various original equipment manufacturers(OEMs). Please click here for more information on our AIDC products. This enables us to provide customised solutions for variable data printing on adhesive labels at your facility also.


 If stored in clean and dry conditions at 25 degrees Celsius and 65% Relative Humidity, self adhesive sticker should go good for use for 4 months.

From the time we get a customer's Purchase Order and the artwork approval, we can start supplying self adhesive labels in about 3 weeks for the first supplies. We can sometimes turn it around even quicker. Please share the project specifics and we will be happy to support you. For repeat orders generally 7 days is what it takes to despatch the adhesive labels.

 Any self adhesive label printing job is sensitive to quantities - both on production and commercial aspects. Higher the quantity, lower the cost. We will even deliver very small quantities of adhesive sticker, we suggest that you consolidate 2- or 3-months’ requirements in order to keep your costs low.

Most adhesive labels are either filmic or paper based. Within this broad range there are several specialty labels that provide additional features for decoration, performance and security. Our team will be happy to provide suggestions once we hear more about your project.

The type of material of the adhesive label is dependent on the application. Security printing can be done on both polyester or paper based self adhesive labels. Design elements could differ for various type of raw material.

Label stock is dependent on the application of the client. We have tie-up with all the leading supplier of label stock and would arrange for the optimised source for your application.

We are able to print a maximum size of about 500 mm X 350 mm self adhesive label.

We have multiple label printing machines, and our latest machine prints upto 10 colours. We can even foil stamp, emboss, and give various other decorative and security features on the self adhesive label.

We can also offer laminated labels.

Yes, we are a bar code labels manufacturer also, and variable printing is possible on self adhesive labels at our facility through inkjet marking or thermal printing. We can even provide a complete solution to the customer to do such variable data printing on adhesive sticker at their own location. This solution is typically required by our customers who want to print the batch number, MRP and any product specifications at their own facility.

We can print on the adhesive side of an adhesive sticker too. This is typically used on transparent containers and bottles. This would need careful designing of the bottle label and we can help you with the same.


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