Automatic Identification & Data Capture (AIDC) refers to the methods of automatically identifying objects, collecting data about them, and entering that data directly into computer systems. With growing complexities in the business model of global logistics, warehousing, large public events, healthcare services AIDC plays a key role in automating labour intensive tasks thereby reducing operating costs and enabling quicker turn around times.

Holoflex has partnered with the leading OEMs in the field of AIDC to offer integrated solutions for various Industry verticals. We even offer customized solutions for specific client needs through our in-house team of product experts. Products offered by Holoflex Limited under AIDC are as under:


To choose right barcode scanner for a project we need to understand the application in details, type of barcode - 1D or 2D, reading distance, operation process (wired or wireless or mobile), environment etc. Please share your requirement in details for a discussion on selection of right barcode scanner for your need.

Whether the bar codes need to be printed at our facility or yours depends on your business need and feasibility as also the cost of implementation. Please reach out to us to determine which is the best option for you.

We can supply barcode print & apply machine or a label applicator can be deployed to fix printed barcodes.

A bar code is nothing but a graphical representation of encoded data that is machine readable. Barcode scanner are used to read (scan & decode) the encoded data in a barcode. The technology was Invented in late 50's, and has evolved significantly over the years. Barcodes help to achieve speed and accuracy in a business process.

You do not need any license fee to use most of the commonly used barcode except GS1 barcode. For GS1 barcode an organisation needs to take registration so there is a cost involved.

GS1 is a global standard that create a common foundation for business by uniquely identifying and automatically sharing vital information about products, locations, assets and more. GS1 is an international not-for-profit association that provides the global framework and local implementation services in 114 countries.  GS1 standards are used in two of the most popular AIDC technologies, i.e., Barcode and RFID and help trading partners to easily collaborate and share information across the supply chain. To obtain a GS1 Barcode an organisaition needs to do a registration with GS1 and in the process they get a unique numerical identification i.e. GS1 company prefix which is part of the EAN and UPC barcode for their products. The identification key for an item is also known as GTIN which is visible under the barcode and starts with 890 for products manufactured in India.

It depends on the industry category and business logic. For manufacturers who wish to sell their products globally or through established retail chain, e-commerce channel they need to get registration with GS1 India for GTIN barcode (EAN or UPC) and for others any available symbology like Code 128, Code39, I2o5 or datamatrix, maxicode, PDF417 can be used. These barcodes can be generated either by using some barcode generating applications software or using the software that comes with the barcode printer.

The size of the barcode depends on the data it consists and also on the quality of scanner being deployed. A high-end industrial scanner with better intelligence (decoding software) can scan a very small barcode.

As the name suggests these are portable computing devices equipped with various inputs systems like a barcode scanner, biometrics, MSR or RFID readers even with a thermal printer. The objective of mobile computers is to capture data, process, store in the memory and transfer to server or cloud-based database. These are deployed for on field application, production floor, warehouse area where PC or other computing terminals are not available.

Holoflex is a leading manufacturer of labels & hologram. We produce blank & pre-printed barcode labels - media for barcode printers. We do have the expertise to incorporate security elements to the barcode labels in form of integrated holograms, printed security features and also interactive features for the brands facing challenges from their counterfeiters. We also provide the Thermal Transfer Ribbon of all kinds to our customers.

As a part of Holoflex printer installation process we provide operational training on barcode printer, scanner & labels designing software. Training of software also include designing of labels, printer settings etc. Training of barcode printer includes media loading, setting up printers, some basic maintenance & trouble shooting. During installation of printer, we help our customers by creating some initial label designs.

A free version of printing software is provided by most of the barcode printer manufacturer, however these softwares have limitations of functionality. A pro version which is obviously a paid version invariably offers more functionality like database integration.

There are so many make and models of barcode printers available in the market. To select the right model, we need to understand the application in details along with few inputs like size & type of labels to be printed, print resolution, quantity to print in a week or month, environment, remote or desktop printing, stand alone or shared printing etc.

1D stands for One dimensional barcode, comprising of vertical black & white bars. These are first generation of barcode which can be read with any barcode scanner. But 1D bar codes need more horizontal space to print. 2D barcodes are two dimensional and can store more data in smaller area. QR code or Quick Response Barcode is a special form (symbology) of 2D barcode invented for particular application.
There are multiple factors which contribute to determine whether you need 1D or 2D barcode for your business process. Each of the variety has their own set of pros & cons, so it is better to discuss the use case and then select the kind of barcode that will serve your needs.

1D scanners can only scan 1D barcode however with 2D barcode we can read both 1D & 2D barcode & QR code also. Most of the QR app available in the Appstore are capable of scanning both 1D & 2D barcodes. However, the performance depends on the camera quality also.

QR code or Quick Response Barcode which is used to access information or to take some digital action. QR code stores hyperlink to a webpage to perform some desired activities, like checking authentication of products, access information about the products or services, link to a business card. The potential is huge and new applications are being developed every day. We can discuss scope of opportunity and deliver QR code based customised solutions. Common applications are: Authentication check, link to company website & social media pages, link to registration form or feedback form, campaign analytics, inventory tracking, ticketing etc.


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