Environment & Safety

Environmental Policy

Holoflex will:

  • Ensure that the disposal of waste material or scrap generated during manufacturing comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations to prevent pollution.
  • Communicate it’s Environmental Policy and performance to the employees and to the public.
  • Conduct training to educate employees of their responsibilities for environmental compliance and management.
  • Conduct periodic reviews of the Environmental Objectives and management systems with a view to effect continual improvement.
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace and ensure that personnel are properly trained and have appropriate safety and emergency equipment.
  • Develop, manufacture, and market products that are safe for their intended use, efficient in their use of energy and protective of the environment.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy (OHSAS)

Holoflex recognizes that the disciplines of Health & Safety are an integral part of its management function. Holoflex Management is committed to comply with the legal and other requirements, prevention of injury and ill-health of employees and continual improvement of the management system and its performance.

We shall achieve this through the following:

  • Providing and maintaining safe facilities and working conditions.
  • Comply with all applicable laws & regulations.
  • Follow a concept of continual improvement & make best use of its management resources in all matters of Health & Safety.
  • Work closely with our customers & suppliers to establish the highest health & safety standards.
  • Take due care to ensure that activities are safe for employees, associates & sub-contractors & others who come in contact with our work, including the general public.
  • Adopt a forward looking view on future business decisions that may have Health & Safety consequences.
  • Train our staff in the needs & responsibilities of Health & Safety Management.
  • Including values and attitudes conducive to achieve excellence in Health, Safety and Environmental performance.
  • Assigning clear roles and responsibilities at all levels and periodically reviewing and recognizing contribution to HSE objectives.
  • Fostering a spirit of participation by all employees in Health, Safety and Environmental conservation efforts.