Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a relatively new AIDC technology that keeps track of anything, especially those assets that move. Radio frequency identification system is a portable memory devices on a chip that acts like a UPC code is more than UPC because this microchip can carry much more dynamic information. This inexpensive microchip that can be embedded in any object stores basic information about the item. With in-expensive scanners within a range of a few feet (2 to 5 feet), you can read the information stored in these microchips. In future, we can see, this information being modified.

RFID employs Radio Frequency Communications to exchange data between the memory chip and a host computer. An Radio frequency identification system typically consists of a “Tag/Label/PCB” containing data storage, an Antenna to communicate with the Tag, and a Controller to manage the communication between the Antenna and the PC

Types of RFID Tags
• Passive read-only tags
• Active tags containing memory chip
• RFID-GPS combined solutions

Holoflex offers project based solution in the RFID field taking into accoint all of the above types of RFID products.