Retail is the most happening and most talked about sector in recent times. With astounding growth figures coupled with highly complex operational models this sector has always been limited by one major factor – Faster turn around at all levels. Quick Identification and Authentication is key to such faster turn-arounds. Retailers are always on lookout to maintain their operational efficiency to reduce overall cost of operation which would otherwise balloon out to choke the entire business process.

Holoflex is all geared to offer cutting-edge solution to the Retail sector to enable it to achive the much desired operational efficiency. A host of AIDC solution with integrated holographic security is available to be deployed on turn-key basis or for specific modular requirement.

AIDC Solutions:
Barcode Scanners
Barcode Printers
Smart Cars & ID Cards
Mobile Computer
Thermal Ribbon

Area of Application:
Product Identification, Authentication, Track & Trace, Wearhouse Management

Security Solutions:

Area of Application:
Product Identification, Product Security, Promotion