Bottle Labels

Shrink Sleeve labels are flexible branding labels that can adapt to the shape of the product on which it is applied. These are mainly used as bottle labels with a 360-degree viewing surface that is appealing from all directions. Moreover, bottle labels withstand moisture and friction to ensure a long shelf life. The shrink labels are made from PVC, PET-G or some special polyolefin films. These are typically around 40 microns thick.

Our 10 colour Flexo printing press can create fabulous visual effects on the bottle labels even in very low volumes at competitive pricing. We add further value to shrink-sleeve labels or bottle labels by integrating a holographic stripe running across the bottle label which secures the products against counterfeits. 

Shrink Sleeve packaging is a first-choice option for a variety of industries ranging from food and beverage bottles to personal products and pharmaceutical and several others.


  • Flexible Packaging: Manufacturers can use shrink sleeve labels as Bottle labels on blank bottles cutting the cost of directly printing and avoiding loss in case of low sales.
  • Tamper-evident: A holographic tape is added on the sleeve which makes it tamper-evident. This gives an assurance to the consumers that the product is safe and genuine.
  • Durability: The shrink sleeve labels are very durable as they are reverse-printed. They will not be damaged during the transport.
  • Branding: Shrink sleeves have a lot of space for branding due to their wraparound character. Exclusive colours and designs can be printed for impact.

Holographic shrink label is gaining attention from manufacturers seeking to stand out from the crowd. Our experts will go the extra mile to help you marry the design to the bottle to develop an impactful bottle label, without over-stretching your budget.


It’s always better to store shrink labels in a dry and temperature-controlled environment. We suggest 25 degrees Celsius and 65% Relative Humidity as the ideal storage conditions in original packing for product with bottle labels.

We can generally provide samples. Please share details of your requirements.

Please share the keyline of your container / bottle or a physical sample. We will revert with our recommendation for the size of the container / bottle labels you need.

From the time we get a customer's Purchase Order and the artwork approval, we can start supplying Shrink labels in about 3 weeks for the first supplies. We can sometimes turn it around even quicker. Please share the project specifics and we will be happy to support you. For repeat orders generally 7 days is what it takes to despatch the bottle labels.

Any label printing job is sensitive to quantities - both on production and commercial aspects so is the case for bottle labels. Higher the quantity, lower the cost. We will even deliver very small quantities of shrink labels but we suggest that you consolidate 2- or 3-months’ requirements in order to keep your costs low.

Typical thickness is around 40 microns.

Yes, we have a wide range of security features that we can offer to make a shrink label secure. Hologram stripes, security designing and printing, invisible features are only some of the elements we can offer as integral feature of bottle labels.

We can print upto 10 colours on your shrink label/bottle labels.

These can be provided in reel form for automatic dispensing or even cut to size.

Yes. Machines are available to apply these bottle labels automatically.

Yes. Bottle labels can be used on any container - glass, metal or plastics.


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