Healthcare industry or the Pharmaceutical industry is among the worst affected ones by the menace of counterfeiting. Such spurious products not only eat into business revenue of respective company and tarnish it’s’ brand reputation but creates a much greater issue by posing grave danger to life of consumers which could result into a magnified social issue. The healthcare industry has resorted to various security measures from time to time to curb this menace but with limited success. Absence of any integrated security solution might be a reason.

Holoflex Limited is all geared to provide such integrated security solutions to healthcare industry. Whether be it securing a regular paper label/shrink sleeve/heat sealable wads with integrated holography or creating specialized vinyl based self-destructible labels or developing a track & trace solutions for drugs, Holoflex Limited is equipped to deliver the right solution for every individual need of the industry.

AIDC Solutions:
Bar Code
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
Bio-metric Identification
Smart Card
Real Time Locating Systems

Area of application:

Product Identification, Tracking of Material Movement, Tracking of Work-in-progress (WIP), Inventory management, Access Control on shop floor, Track & Trace at consumer level

Security Solutions:
Tamper Evident Hologram Label
Holograms with Variable Information
Films for Packaging
Regular/Holographic Induction Sealing Wads
Regular/Holographic Shrink Sleeves and Shrink Labels
Regular/Holographic Paper Labels

Area of application:

Product Identification, Product Security, Packaging